About Senceamille

Senceamille began in 2001 on yahoo geocities. For about a year I was breeding all kinds of great breedfiles I had found, and adopted like crazy. I then had kids, and put all that on hold for awhile. in 2004 I brought Senceamille back to freewebs. I then started learning HTML and how to create layouts. There were long bouts of not updating due to not having internet, or moving, or life just setting in. But I always.. eventually come back to Senceamille. It is truly my love. I got a counter from bravenet in 2008. after reuploading the counter to the site, I looked at my account, and the total page views to senceamille since 2008 has been 11,191. only 4,630 of those page hits were new visitors. that means that 6,561 page hits were from people returning.. to senceamille! my heart is so swelled with pride I cannot even to begin to describe it. Thank you- for making senceamille what it is, and believing! Here are some awards senceamille has won over the years.